Week 1 Central Program Class Choices

July 5-12, 2015

The class description sheet is available to download here:  Central Program 2014 Class Descriptions

To have a record or your class choices, create an AEM account, and log in before you fill out the class choice form. 

  • If you discover a mistake after you've submitted the form, you can now edit your previous submission instead of filling out a whole new one. A prompt to edit will appear at the top of the page if the website sees that you've already sent a form.
  • Any time you see a little triangle/arrow next to a heading, that's a section of the form that you can open/close. Most sections default to open, but to de-clutter the page, you can choose to close the sections that don't apply to you.

If you wish to print out and send your choices by mail; print the AEMF14 Self-Evaluation/ Class Choice Form, and mail to us at: Amherst Early Music, PO Box 229, Arlington, MA 02476.

To have a copy mailed to you to fill out and return, email us (info@amherstearlymusic.org) or give us a call at (781) 488-3337.


Contact Information
Musical Skills
(For all applicants) Rate yourself from 1-5 (1=best)
Renaissance Recorders
such as shawms, curtals, krummhorns etc. List, giving sizes and playing level for each; bracket any you don't own or won't bring.
Plucked Strings
Please give a brief summary above of your studying and playing experience for each instrument and for voice and anything else you think we should know. Have you studied privately? For how long, and with whom? What classes have you taken? Do you participate regularly in an ensemble? With whom? Any experience with Renaissance notation? Have past placements at Amherst Early Music workshops been satisfactory?