Programs for Singers

Anonymous 4 Workshop 

July 6-13, 2014

Marie & Marion: Motets and Songs from the 13th Century Montpellier Manuscript

An auditioned program for pre-professional and professional singers with a 

strong interest in medieval vocal ensemble music. Limited to __ participants, 

singers spend each day in coaching and masterclass sessions, with a focus on 

medieval style and historical performance practice. Taught by Anonymous 4 

members Ruth Cunningham, Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, and Jacqueline 

Horner-Kwiatek. Audition deadline May 1, 2014.

Baroque Academy 

July 6-13, 2014

This high-level program for advanced solo singers offers the opportunity to 

gain valuable pre-professional experience in Baroque repertoire and historical 

performance practice. There are two options for singers within the Baroque 


The Vocal Soloist Program includes daily masterclasses with Baroque 

specialist Julianne Baird; chamber music coachings on repertoire for solo voice 

with period instruments; specialized classes that delve deep into French solo 

repertoire, style, and ornamentation of the Baroque era. 2014 faculty members 

include ________, __________, and __________. Directed by Saskia Coolen. 

Audition deadline May 1, 2014.

The Opera Program offers the experience of performing a role in a fully-
staged Baroque opera. Les Indes Galantes, J.P. Rameau’s tour de force of song, 

dance, and pageantry, is considered to be the pinnacle of the French Baroque 

era. Emphasis on Baroque gesture, historical singing style and pronunciation, 

rhetoric, and acting. Directed by Drew Minter, conducted by Kevin Mallon. 

Audition deadline for April 1, 2014.

Ensemble Singing Intensive

Du Bon Gout: Vocal Music from the Franco-Flemish Tradition

July 13-20, 2014

Now in its fourth year, The Ensemble Singing Intensive is a unique program 

that offers advanced singers the opportunity to sing one-on-a-part ensemble 

repertoire from the Medieval and Renaissance eras. Students will work on skills

essential to the modern singer of early music by participating in daily ensemble 

coachings, presenting in ensemble masterclasses, and performing two concerts, 

including a concert for voice and brass with Flemish conductor Wim Becu. 

Faculty members include Julianne Baird, Geoffrey Williams, and ESI director 

Michael Barrett. Audition deadline: May 1, 2014

The All-Workshop Collegium

July 6-13, and 13-20 2014

The All-Workshop Collegium unites participants at the festival to sing and 

play large-scale choral masterpieces. One period only, open to singers and 

instrumentalists with no audition required. Week one: Lawrence Lipnik conducts 

Music of the Tudor Chapel Royal, including works by Byrd, Tallis, and Tye. Week 

two Tom Zajac conducts Music from the Court of Henry VIII. 

Amherst Early Music offers a wide variety of options for vocalists interested in 

exploring the rich world of early music. Whether you are a soloist or an ensemble 

singer, a professional or an amateur, Amherst Early Music has a diverse range 

of offerings to suit many levels and areas of interest. During the 2014 festival, 

singers will explore the treasures of French vocal music, from the Medieval to the 

Baroque. Amherst Early Music's vocal programs are part of the Amherst Early 

Music Festival, where the world's leading instrumentalists, dancers, and singers 

of early music come together to celebrate the treasures of early music every 


Baroque Opera

Chamber Music for the Baroque Soloist

Masterclasses and Chamber Ensembles

Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque repertoire

Baroque Gesture and Ornamentation

Medieval ensemble music with Anonymous 4

Ensemble Singing Intensive 

All-Workshop Collegium

Daily Madrigal singing outdoors