Programs for Recorder Players

AEM offers Recorder Classes at all of Workshops and the Summer Festival.recorders at the Festival

Memorial Day Weekend Workshop, May 22-25, 2015

Directed by Valerie Horst, and featuring Han Tol.

Amherst Early Music Festival, July 5-12, and 12-19, 2015

Amherst Early Music offers an unparalleled array of study opportunities for recorder players from lower intermediate through professional levels. Our large faculty consists of expert recorder players from the US and abroad, and affords the opportunity for our students to work with many fine instructors during the week. For the novice player who can confidently play at least one size of recorder, AEM is the perfect place to get started playing in groups. Larger classes offer the support of other players while smaller classes offer more individual attention from instructors. Hone and learn new recorder techniques, improve counting and rhythm, learn about the music we recorder players so love to play. Mid- to upper-level players can choose from a wide range of topics from one-on-a-part consorts to classes featuring a particular composer; from recorder technique to the skills of Baroque music. Some classes are specifically for recorders while others offer the opportunity to make music with other instruments and voices. Those interested in exploring the special qualities of the renaissance recorder can sign up for one-on-a-part consorts focusing on those instruments and on the arts of playing renaissance music. Baroque Ensembles, The Art of the Baroque and Recorder Master Class offer opportunities to work in-depth on the special skills of playing Baroque music, from ornamentation and articulation to expressing the Passions. For the most advanced recorder players we offer high-level classes within our central program, as well as several special programs.

CityRecorder! October 2015 tba

At the Ella Baker School, in NYC. A workshop exclusively for recorder players! Recorder faculty and Classes tba.

Winter Weekend Workshop, January 2016 tba

The 2015 Workshop featured Marion Verbruggen and core members of Tempesta di Mare. Recorder faculty: Recorder Masterclass, Renaissance recorders, Recorder consorts, Renaissance reeds, Baroque orchestra. 2016 Program and Faculty tba.