Loren Ludwig



Loren Ludwig plays acoustic and electric viols in a range of styles.
He has performed in Asia, South America and across Europe and the US
and has appeared with the Smithsonian Chamber Players, The New York
and Oberlin Consorts of Viols, the Oberlin Baroque Ensemble,
Catacoustic, Les Grâces, Les Délices and many other ensembles. Loren
is the recipient of both Fulbright and Mellon fellowships to study and
do research in Holland and England, respectively, and completed his
undergraduate degree in performance at Oberlin Conservatory with
Catharina Meints. He is a founder of both Quaver and Sonnambula viol
consorts. Loren makes regular appearances as faculty at the Viola da
Gamba Society of America annual Conclave and the Amherst Early Music
Festival and Workshop and has taught viola da gamba and performance
practice at workshops across the country and in England, New Zealand,
and China. He received a PhD in musicology at the University of
Virginia for which he wrote a dissertation on the cultural history of
the viol consort in England and is currently visiting faculty at Longy
School of Music of Bard College in Boston.