Winter Weekend Workshop

January 16-19, 2015

in Historic Philadelphia and the Rutgers-Camden Fine Arts Center. Directed by Heather Miller Larden

Last year's Workshop information is below, watch this space for upcoming news about the 2015 workshop!


in Historic Philadelphia and at Rutgers/Camden, NJ

with Tempesta di Mare

Comedy and Tragedy: Music for the Public and Private Drama of Life

Heather Miller Lardin, workshop director

Friday, January 17 - Monday, January 20, 2014

Tuition $270, Dance Tuition $215, Work-study tuition $150.

Download the Winter Weekend Flyer Here!
Tempesta di Mare


Joris Van Goethem, recorder

Sarah Cunningham, viol

Julianne Baird, voice

Core members of Tempesta di Mare:

Gwyn Roberts, recorder

Richard Stone, lute

Emlyn Ngai, violin

Lisa Terry, viol and cello

Adam Pearl, harpsichord


John Bailey, harpsichord

Marilyn Boenau, Baroque bassoon, Renaissance reeds

Eric Haas, recorder

Valerie Horst, recorder, early notation

Joan Kimball, recorder, Renaissance reeds

Na'ama Lion, Baroque flute

Heather Miller Lardin, viol and bass

Peggy Murray, historical dance

Dorothy Olsson, historical dance

Patricia Petersen, recorder, early notation

Wendy Powers, recorder

Mark Rimple, voice, lute

∙ Project for Voices and Lutes: Agostino Steffani

Julianne Baird and Richard Stone, co-directors

Steffani's small chamber duets and trios, like Corelli's trio sonatas, were also taken as models by other composers. Especially in the famous duets and trios of George Frideric Handel. Corelli-esque melodies which are often imitated in the bassoon continuo combine with his predilection for duet textures and common use of ostinato basses in continuo arias. In England his works were so popular that they were given sacred English words and used as anthems. By these and other means Steffani's influence extended throughout the 18th century and beyond. Singers will perform in the student recital accompanied by an enemble of lutes and theorbos.

Audition deadline for singers December 1, 2013. Please send bio and sound file (mp3) of 2 contrasting movements in Baroque style to  Notification by December 15th.

∙ Orchestra Project: Suite from Marais' Alcyone

Open to advanced instrumentalists; sign up when class choices are available.

∙ Lute, Archlute, Theorbo, and Guitar

Special activities for lutenists include master classes and a joint performance project with the vocal program of music by Agostino Steffani, co-led by Richard Stone (lutes) and Julianne Baird (voice) — no audition required. Other general activities available for lutenists include coached consort, chamber music and accompanying.  Music for the Steffani project will become available early on, allowing players plenty of advance preparation time.

∙ Faculty Concert Sunday January 19th, 8:00 p.m.

Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia

412 Pine Street, Philadelphia.  Open to the public, $20 tickets at the door, free for participants.

∙ Student Concert Monday January 20th, 12:30 p.m.

Following end of classes, at the Rugters Fine Arts building.

∙ Accommodations in Philadelphia 

Special participant rate at the Wyndham Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) of $114 per night plus room tax (15.5%). Reserve space with us and we'll add you to the rooming list.

Classes will be in the Fine Arts Building at Rutgers/Camden. Vans will run between the hotel and Rutgers in the early morning and after the last afternoon class, a 10-minute ride.

watch this space!