Work-Study Information and Application

The Work-Study Program

The purpose of the Amherst Early Music Work-Study Program is to provide tuition aid for students who would not be able to attend the Festival without this assistance. In return these students are asked to work for Amherst Early Music.

The Work in Work-Study

If you receive work-study aid you will be expected to attend two meetings of the work-study students and program coordinators Spiff Wiegand and Peter Lekx, one on Sunday evening and one on Wednesday. At these meetings jobs will be assigned to each work-study student based on individual skills, class schedules, and preferences. In some cases jobs will be assigned before arriving at the Festival. Typical jobs that will be asked of you include: music and data photocopying, moving of equipment, chairs and stands, ushering, box office sales, class sorting, costuming, set preparation, assisting in the store, preparing and hosting social events, operating beverage concessions and assisting any of the workshop directors. All of these things are essential to the Festival, although not glamorous! The amount of work assigned will be proportional to the aid you receive, i.e. more tuition aid = more hours of work.

How to Apply

Please complete the application below. We will phone and/or email you to discuss your application, so be sure to include correct phone numbers where you can be reached until the Festival. Please do not ask for more tuition aid than you actually need. Funds are limited and we need to make sure that all the students who need aid can get it.
If you have not registered for the Festival you should do so immediately by filling out an application form and sending in a deposit for your tuition ($100 per week) and a registration fee ($30). This is the minimum tuition required of all students. You can also apply online at If we are unable to give you as much financial assistance as you need to attend the Festival we will refund all but your registration fee. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please make checks out to Amherst Early Music, Inc.

Budget Dorm

The Work-Study Program awards are for tuition only. Please see housing info for affordable room and board options.

Be Kind to Others

If you should find that you cannot attend the Festival please let us know right away so that we can award your work-study aid to another student. Or, if you will attend but no longer need assistance, we need to know that too.


We will assign jobs outside of class time. Because you will be adding hours of work to your schedule you may want to take three classes instead of four to avoid exhaustion! Please be aware that involvement in an intensive program such as the opera will take up a lot of extra time outside of class hours, so you'll want to consider this when deciding how much work-study you feel you have the time to do.

Questions? Call or email us and we'll try to help!

Application Form

This form is 3 pages long. Use the "Save as Draft" feature if you need more time to complete the form before sending it.