Welcome to Amherst Early Music

Next summer’s Amherst Early Music Festival will be held in Bethlehem, PA at Northampton Community College
August 7-14, and 14-21, 2022
Directed by Frances Blaker. We hope you’ll join us!

Due to a major construction project, we are not able to return to Connecticut College next summer. Our new location in beautiful Bethlehem PA has plenty of a/c housing and classrooms, and the campus looks forward to welcoming us. Lipkin Theater will be a perfect venue for our concert series and opera production.

Join us on Saturdays and Sundays December 4 & 5,  & 11!
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Next up, classes on December 4, 5, and 11 with Tom Beets, Na'ama Lion, Shira Kammen, Mary Springfels, and Amy Bearden!

Organizational Health
In addition to providing continuity to our broader community, the AEM board has prioritized keeping operations running so that we will be in a position to present the events we know and love when it is safe again. Our annual operating budget depends on individual donations, especially those received or pledged during the Festival. Without that help we are in a tenuous position with regards to meeting financial obligations and maintaining bare-bones functionality.

All of us in the AEM community – enthusiasts, performers, scholars, craftsmen, and organizers – have built AEM over the past 58 years into the largest provider of early music workshops in North America. We’ve come all this way together, and together we will get through this. --Marilyn Boenau, Executive Director