Kaspar D. Mainz

Kaspar D. Mainz began his professional ballet career at the age of 11 with a small
solo role in a performance of Swan Lake at Staatsoper Berlin. After appearing
professionally as a ballet dancer in numerous European theatres and opera houses,
Mr. Mainz continued his studies in dance pedagogy and choreography, specializing
in the reconstruction and choreography of historical dance forms. He has appeared
in more than 600 theatrical performances in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium
and the Netherlands, and has performed at the Handel festivals of Halle, Karlsruhe
and Göttingen. Mr. Mainz is the Artistic Director of Deliciae Theatrales, a group that
specializes in theater, dance and music performances for children. He has taught
historical dance & theatrical dance to ballet dancers, choreographers and teachers at
Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Leipzig, Palucca
Schule in Dresden, Salzburg University, University of Leipzig, Salzburg Mozarteum,
University of Graz, Musikhochschule Augsburg/Nürnberg, Schumann Conservatorium
(Zwickau), and the Theaterhochschule Hans Otto in Leipzig.
In the United States, he has taught at the Amherst Early Music Festival and
performed at the Connecticut Early Music Festival, The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
and with Piffaro (The Philadelphia Renaissance Wind Band). He has also presented
workshops in historical dance at New York University, SUNY Stony Brook, Goucher
College, Wake Forest University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Mr. Mainz has co-authored seven books on historical dance, including “Terrstepery, A
Primer for Historical Dance.” Mr. Mainz is a contributing author on dance in leading
publications for music pedagogy: Dreiklang. Musik 5/6 and Dreiklang. Musik 7/8 (2009
and 2011, edited by Dr. Georg Maas and Dr. Ines Mainz), published by Cornelsen
Verlag, Berlin. Mr. Mainz is the Artistic Director of the New York Historical Dance
Company (www.newyorkhistoricaldance.com).