Wendy Powers

Wendy Powers has played and taught recorder in New York City for many years, and is a musicologist specializing in music of the late 15th and early 16th centuries, particularly in Italy and France. She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1994, submitting a dissertation on The Music Manuscript Fondo Magliabechi  XIX.178 of  the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence: A Study in the Changing Role of the Chanson in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence. She is an assistant director and faculty member of the Amherst Early Music Festival, and has taught at early music workshops throughout the Northeast. She has written about musical instruments for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline of Art History www.metmuseum.org). With Patricia Ann Neely, Ms. Powers co-directed Sag Harbor Early Music, a small spring concert series on Long Island, and she has sat for more than a decade on the Board of Directors of the New York City series Music Before 1800. In fall of 2011, she co-directed (with Valerie Horst) the CityRecorder workshop at Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City. In the fall of 2008 she was adjunct assistant professor of music at Vassar College.

Ms. Powers is adjunct assistant professor at Queens College of the City University of New York, where she teaches music history, early music notation, and co-directs (with Susan Hellauer) the Early Music Collective.