Caecilia-Concert Performance and CD!

The Caecilia-Concert of Amsterdam will perform a program called “Musikalische Lustgarten” at the Amherst Early Music Festival on Thursday, July 19, 2012.  Cornetto superstar Bruce Dickey joins Wouter Verschuren, dulcian, Adam Woolf, sackbut, and Kathryn Cok, harpsichord, for their AEMF debut.


In May, the group released their new CD “Castello and Co.”  To hear clips of this fantastic new release go to

Check out their individual websites at,, and


The group’s members are fine teachers, as well as performers. A review of Adam Woolf’s teaching at a recent workshop said:

"Adam Woolf is the perfect person for this course. He is one of the world's most brilliant sackbut players and he is also a fantastic teacher - very patient and encouraging which means that he really does get the best out of a group. He has thought very carefully about how to help people progress with their playing and has written 'The Sackbut Tutor Book' which I can recommend very highly.  He has recorded a very beautiful and virtuosic solo sackbut CD 'Songs Without Words'.


Wouter Verschuren teaches Baroque bassoon at the Conservatory in Utrecht and oboe band at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Check out his clips at


Kathryn Cok, harpsichord, teaches at the Royal Conservatory at The Hague. She recently won first prize at the first solo competition for Baroque instruments at Brunnenthal, Austria.  She performs with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and many other groups.


Bruce Dickey, cornetto, is one of the leading experts on the cornetto in the world. In 2010 the BBC Music Magazine said “The plangent eloquence and dare-devil bravura of Bruce Dickey's cornetto playing would charm the skin off a snake” See