Caecilia-Concert and Bruce Dickey at AEMF 2012


Exciting opportunities for players of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century wind instruments this year at the Amherst Early Music Festival...

Amherst Early Music is very pleased and proud to welcome the Caecilia-Concert of Amsterdam (Wouter Verschuren, dulcian; Adam Woolf, sackbut; Kathryn Cok, keyboards) to the U.S. to teach at the second week of the summer festival and perform a concert of invigorating early baroque works. Also on the faculty is internationally-recognized cornettist Bruce Dickey.

"The Caecilia Concert is a versatile international ensemble specialising in performance and research of 17th century music for instruments and voices. The ensemble was formed in 2001, and its unique core of early trombone, bassoon and keyboards, has continued to charm audiences all over Europe for more than ten years.  As well as small-scale recitals featuring the core players, the ensemble is frequently joined by leading string and wind players from the very top of today’s early music scene."

At the end of May, the Cacilia-Concert released its latest CD of virtuosic sonatas from seventeenth century Venice, entitled “Castello and Co.” (Click through to listen!) The group will perform at the Amherst Early Music Festival on July 19.