Ruth Cunningham

Ruth_CunninghamRuth Cunningham.   Ruth received a B. Mus. in Performance of Early Music from the New England Conservatory of Music and is certified as a cross-cultural music and healing practitioner. She does the social media and informal tour photography for Anonymous 4. When not singing with A4 she specializes in improvisational music in both liturgical and concert settings. Ruth works with individuals and teaches workshops on using the voice and music as tools for healing and transformation. She is interested in integrating sound healing and performance. Her solo album, Light and Shadow encompasses a mixture of music, including traditional chants from Western and Eastern traditions as well as her own compositions and improvisations. Her other releases include Harpmodes: Journey for Voice and Harp and two recordings of multi-faith chants with colleague Ana Hernandez: Blessed by Light and HARC: Inside Chants. She has also performed and recorded with frame drummer Layne Redmond, Early Music NY, and Pomerium. Her website is