Marsha Genensky


Marsha Genensky is a longtime singer and student of Anglo-American song with an advanced degree in Folklore & Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania. Marsha handles Anonymous 4's American music research, acted as music director for the A4's American recordings, American Angels and Gloryland, contributed the American tunes for their holiday release, The Cherry Tree, and is directing their newest American project, 1865. She also does the historical language pronunciation research for A4's medieval music projects, acts as tour manager, and generally "makes things go" for the group. With Bay Area musical friends Shira Kammen, Peter Maund, and Allison Zelles Lloyd, Marsha has recently formed Ensemble S.P.A.M. A regular at Bay Area Sacred Harp sings, and a San Francisco Giants fan, she teaches performance courses and workshops on medieval music and on Anglo-American sacred and secular song.