Nancy Thym-Hochrein

Nancy Thym's programs, which combine harp music, songs, stories and dance, are warmly received all over the world. In her native California, she studied theater, dance and anthropology and later folklore and ethnomusicology. For over forty years she has lived in Germany where she transforms her extensive research on the history of the harp into programs which are both entertaining and educational: storytelling combined with songs and harp music, ballad programs on specific themes, or one-woman theater pieces in which she portrays harpists of the past. She performs on a variety of historical harps and her repertoire encompasses many styles: Medieval music, ancient Scottish ballads, early Romantic German Lieder, and songs of the 19th-century itinerant harpers. Nancy is recognized as the leading scholar on the history and playing technique of the Norwegian krogharpe as well as the itinerant Bohemian and German hook harp players.