Thilo Viehrig

Instrument builder and musician Thilo Viehrig studied violin and organ building as well as instrument restoration in East Germany. For over 20 years he has concentrated on the performance practice and reconstruction of historical instruments. He established the musical instrument museum at the Center for Performance Practice in Michaelstein, Germany and his copies of historical instruments (harps, lyres, bowed instruments, clavichords, harpsichords and organettos) can be viewed in various museums. He has been involved in various music archaeology projects including the University of Leipzig project to examine, conserve and reconstruct the collection of over 30 original Renaissance musical instruments discovered in the Freiberg Cathedral near Dresden. His copies of the lyres from Trossingen, Germany and Novgorod, Russia are part of the European Archaeology Project Exhibit which will be touring various museums throughout Europe. As a musician he has specialized in historical bowed instruments - vielle, rebec baroque violin – and medieval lyre. He also restores classic cars.