Audrey Knuth

Raised in Honolulu, Audrey Knuth was classically violin trained from the age of 5, studying principally under Darel Stark. (Hawaii Symphony). After receiving a full music scholarship at Hawaii Pacific University, Audrey later transferred and received her B.A. in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston. While in New England, Audrey explored other musical genres and made a name for herself primarily as a world folk musician. She taught for over 5 years (piano and violin) lessons at Kingsley Montessori School. She also worked closely with the school to create a Montessori based music program that she incorporated in the preschool classroom. Having recently moved to the Bay area, Audrey continues to tour the US in several bands (Wake Up Robin, The Gaslight Tinkers, Free Raisins, Larry Unger) and spends the summers teaching at several dance and music camps. As a teacher, Audrey centers her teaching on making music a part of the student’s life, and bases her curriculum on the interests and passions of the individual student. With a background in Audio Engineering, she also focuses on incorporating technology in the study and growth of the musician. .