Scholarships and Work Study

Work Study

Being accepted as a Work-Study student provides a reduction of your tuition fees in exchange for helping out with a variety of tasks (party prep, coffee, administration, ushering, classroom setup, stage crew, etc.) during the Festival. First-time students typically receive between $100 and $200 towards tuition. Work-Study assignments will not interfere with class or rehearsal times. To apply for Work-Study, please fill out the application here.You must also register for the Festival to be considered for Work-Study. The due date for the Work Study application is May 31st. Late applications WILL be considered, but priority for awards will given to timely applications. Work-Study awards can be used in conjunction with Scholarships (see below).


Information in AEM's Washington McClain Scholarship Fund

Early Music America offers scholarships to full-time students. Deadline to apply is April 30. Visit for information and to apply.

The American Recorder Society offers scholarships to recorder players for Weekend Workshops as well as weeklong Summer Festivals.  Applications are accepted at any time. Effort should be made to apply at least two months before funding is needed (for workshops), or March 31, 2019 for Summer Festivals. Visit for application information.

The Viola da Gamba Society of America offers Grants-in-Aid to its members to attend Workshops and Masterclasses.

The Historical Keyboard Society of North America has established the Funaro Fund Award to support its members to offset the cost of travelling to an early keyboard event.  Download the information on how to apply here!

Some Amherst Early Music Tuition Scholarships are available. Many are underwritten by generous donations from members of the Amherst community:

Choral Workshop Scholarship - to assist choral singers who need tuition reduction.

Historical Dance Scholarship. The goal of the scholarship is to promote the historical dance program at the Amherst Early Music Festival.

Double reed scholarships - two tuition scholarships are awarded to reed players based on financial need. These are sometimes given as half-scholarships and can be combined with work-study.

Ensemble Singing Intensive scholarships- tuition scholarships available for a tenor and a bass singer.

Ken Wollitz Scholarship - one scholarship is awarded to a young recorder player for full tuition, budget dorm, and meals. Please include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or professional musician who knows you.

Music Teacher's Scholarship - tuition scholarship to help a music teacher attend the Festival.

Recorder scholarships - funds are available to assist recorder players who need tuition reduction; please inquire.

Violin concertmaster tuition scholarship - to lead the opera orchestra.

Voice tuition scholarship - one scholarship is awarded to a singer embarking on a career in early music.

To apply for AEM scholarships, send a one-page letter to Marilyn Boenau, the Executive Director of AEM, explaining your interest in early music or dance and your goal in attending the Festival. Email to

Budget Room and Board options We have Budget Room and Board option to help you reduce the cost of attending the Festival. The standard air-conditioned housing is $395 for the week, but there is a budget housing option for $195, no a/c and no linens; and $230 for no a/c with linens. The meal plan for a week is $194, and you can also opt to purchase meals individually.