Room and Board

Room and Board Amherst Early Music Festival 2020

All prices are per week, per person

$210 Budget dorms, no air-conditioning, no linens

$240 Budget dorms, no air-conditioning, linens included

$395 Double Room in Standard dorms, air-conditioned, linens included

$420 Single Room in Standard dorms, air-conditioned, linens included

Most rooms are singles, there are double rooms available in Standard (air-conditoned) and Budget (non air-conditioned) housing. Single and double rooms in the Budget dorms are the same price. All bathrooms are shared on the hallways.

For students staying off campus, there is a $50 commuter fee per week which helps cover the cost of using the campus facilities.

Meal Card $194 per week. Meals can also be purchased separately, breakfast $6, lunch $9, dinner $14. Information on Harris Cafeteria is available online

If you will arrive early, stay late, or have a guest, please reserve additional nights on our website.

Information about the campus is available at The campus features a 750 acre Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  There is guest wi-fi service available, and gym with indoor swimming pool.

There are very limited dining options within walking distance of the campus. By bicycle or car, there are many local restaurants and grocery stores in the area.

If you will be travelling by car, and have room, a window fan is very useful in the Budget Dorms. Small fans are available to borrow from the AEM Housing Office.

Tuition is fully refundable before June 10, all but $100 before June 22 (June 29 for second week). No refunds on tuition after June 22 (June 29 for second week). Housing is fully refundable.
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