Spring Break Weekend Class Choices

Page one of this web form is the self-evaluation portion; page two has the classes listed for you to select your choices.

To read descriptions, or if you prefer filling this form out on paper, it is downloadable here: Spring Break Weekend Class Choices.

If you would like to save your choices for review, please log into your AEM account before filling out the form.

If you prefer to have a  paper copy mailed to you to fill out and return, email us (info@amherstearlymusic.org) or give us a call at (781) 488-3337.


Contact Information
Please let us know the best way to reach you if we have a question about your class choices.
Please list the instrument(s) that you will bring to the workshop.
Musical Skills
(For all applicants) Rate yourself from 1-5 (1=best)
Renaissance Recorders
such as shawms, curtals, krummhorns etc. List, giving sizes and playing level for each; bracket any you don't own or won't bring.
Plucked Strings
Please give a brief summary above of your studying and playing experience for each instrument and for voice and anything else you think we should know. Have you studied privately? For how long, and with whom? What classes have you taken? Do you participate regularly in an ensemble? With whom? Any experience with Renaissance notation? Have past placements at Amherst Early Music workshops been satisfactory?