Steffani Project

~ Project for Voices and Lutes: Agostino Steffani

Julianne Baird and Richard Stone, co-directors

Below are links to the pieces that will be studied and performed as part of the project.




Steffani's small chamber duets and trios, like Corelli's trio sonatas, were also taken as models by other composers. Especially in the famous duets and trios of George Frideric Handel. Corelli-esque melodies which are often imitated in the bassoon continuo combine with his predilection for duet textures and common use of ostinato basses in continuo arias. In England his works were so popular that they were given sacred English words and used as anthems. By these and other means Steffani's influence extended throughout the 18th century and beyond. Singers will perform in the student recital accompanied by an enemble of lutes and theorbos.