Drums & Recorders Without Borders

Week 2: July 13-20, 2014

Nina Stern and Glen Velez

Classes in recorder technique, traditional music.

Enrichment and growth opportunities for percussionists, recorder players, music teachers and others.

Recorder virtuoso Nina Stern and preeminent frame drummer Glen Velez will present a series of classes at the Amherst Early Music Festival this summer in New London, Connecticut. Based on their own researches into melodies and rhythms from across the globe and from the Middle Ages to the present, Nina and Glen have assembled a rich repertoire for music lovers to learn and enjoy: dances of the Balkans, eighteenth-century Armenian songs, estampies from Medieval Italy, and more.                                                     

In addition to classes with Nina and Glen, students will be able to choose from classes in other subjects, including vocal music, medieval and renaissance repertory, instrumental improvisation, large group playing, beginning instruments and more. 
















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