Viol at the Festival

Amherst Early Music 2018 offers an exciting range of new viola da gamba programming for all levels of musician. Whether you’re brand new to the instrument, looking for opportunities to play your favorite consort repertoire, or seeking to fine tune your sense of style as a soloist and gain experience on stage, the Amherst Early Music Festival offers engaging classes and world-class faculty.

Week One     July 8-15, 2018
Week One features numerous opportunities for players of all levels. World renowned virtuoso Paolo Pandolfo will offer daily masterclasses and ensemble coaching, as well as a special technique class. The Central Program offers coached viol consorts and many opportunities to play Medieval and Renaissance music with fellow students and an exciting array of faculty.

Week Two     July 15-22, 2018
The Viol Excelsior program (Week Two only) combines a focus on playing consort music with an emphasis on improving musicianship and technical skill on the viol. Viol Excelsior—“ever upward”—challenges you to spend the week playing great music while honing your consort ensemble skills, solidifying technique, and refining your musicianship.