Early Strings

Amherst Early Music offers classes for early string players at the Winter Weekend Workshop, Memorial Day vielleWeekend Workshop, and the Amherst Early Music Festival. 

Amherst Early Music Festival, July 10-17, and 17-24, 2016

Baroque Academy offers classes for viola da gamba, violin/viola, cello, violone. String faculty: Paolo Pandolfo – viola da gamba, Robert Mealy – baroque violin/viola, Sarah Freiberg – baroque cello; Heather Miller Lardin – violone

Central Program offers classes dedicated classes in week I for violin/viola/cello, and in both weeks I and II for viola da gamba. Vielle players will find classes in week II. Both weeks offer a range of classes for mixed instruments/voice that are open to string players

String Faculty Week I: Nathan Bontrager, Loren Ludwig, Heather Miller Lardin, Paolo Pandolfo – viola da gamba, Robert Mealy, Jane Starkman – violin/viola, Sarah Freiberg – cello; Heather Miller Lardin – violone Week II: Nathan Bontrager, Loren Ludwig, John Mark Rozendaal, Brent Wissick – viola da gamba, Shira Kammen – Vielle and violin; Robert Eisenstein – violin, vielle, viola da gamba

A selection of Central Program class titles: (one asterisk indicates week I, two asterisks indicates week II) *various string master classes; *Viol Consort and Technique; * Baroque Orchestra; *Biber for Baroque Strings; * The Well-Tempered Consort: Bach on Viols; *Methodical Viol Technique; *Tanzen und Springen: The Seventeenth-century German Violin Band ** Viol Excelsior: Gamba Schule; ** Medieval Bowed Strings; **Viol Excelsior: The English Connection; **Viol Excelsior: Lust hab ich ghabt zur Musica; ** Ach mein Hertz – voices and viols; AND MORE

Memorial Day Weekend Workshop, May 27-30, 2016

Viol Faculty: Robert Eisenstein, Wendy Gillespie, Erin Headley, Lawrence Lipnik


Winter Weekend Workshop

 January 15-18, 2016

Classes for viol and bass, Baroque violin and cello.