Stephen Gamboa-Diaz


Gamboa-Diaz *


From Oxnard, California, harpsichordist and organist Stephen Gamboa-Diaz studied at UC Berkeley with Charlene Brendler and Davitt Moroney, and at Yale and Stony Brook with Arthur Haas. He is a recipient of the Eisner Prize in the Creative Arts and Menn Memorial Prize from Berkeley and was a laureate of the 2012 Westfield Center International Harpsichord Competition. In addition to performing, Gamboa-Diaz is the web producer for Yale News, teaches organ and conducting at Southern Connecticut State University, and directs the music program at Bethesda Lutheran Church in New Haven, Connecticut.

*Stephen Gamboa-Diaz will be on faculty for Week 1 of the 2022 Amherst Early Music Festival.