Early Strings

Amherst Earlyvielle Music offers classes for early string players at the Winter Weekend Workshop, Memorial Day Weekend Workshop, and the Amherst Early Music Festival. 

Winter Weekend Workshop   January 17-20, 2020. For Baroque violin, cello, viola, double bass, lutes, and viols.

Spring Break Workshop   March 21-22, 2020. For lutes and viols.

Memorial Day Weekend Workshop   May 22-25, 2020. For viols.

Amherst Early Music Festival   July 5-12, and 12-19, 2020. For Baroque violin, viola, cello, and double bass, lute, harp, vielle, and viols.

Baroque Academy offers classes for viola da gamba, violin/viola, cello, violone. 

Central Program offers classes dedicated classes in week I for violin/viola/cello, and in both weeks I and II for viola da gamba. Vielle players will find classes in week II. Both weeks offer a range of classes for mixed instruments/voice that are open to string players