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Amherst Early Music is the largest presenter of Early Music workshops in North America. We create learning opportunities for amateur and pre-professional students to study with leading musicians in the field of Early Music. In addition to online classes, we present the Amherst Early Music Festival at Muhlenberg College in July, and several in-person workshops during the year.

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A painting showing a broken consort of instruments.

Lute Society of America East

Join LSA East! A full week of Lute Classes, as part of the Central Program, week 2 of the Amherst Early Music Festival!

Garden at Wisdom House

Memorial Day Weekend Workshop!

Please join us for our wonderful Memorial Day Weekend Workshop!
May 26-29, at Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut. Registration now open!

Directed by Valerie Horst, with faculty: Deborah Booth, Eric Haas, Valerie Horst, Lawrence Lipnik, Sarah Mead, Patricia Petersen, and Gwyn Roberts.

Upcoming Online Classes


AEMF 2022 - Orientation
ice cream social week 2 2022
Loud band musicians
Farallon Recorder Quartet
Kathryn Cok's harpsichord class at AEMF 22
Choral Workshop in rehearsal
trio rehearsing in the gazebo
NLA dancers
Collegium with Larry Lipkis

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