Amherst Early Music Festival 2022

See you at the Festival!

Northampton Community College
3835 Green Pond Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18020
United States

Directed by
August 7-14
and 14-21, 2022

Our new location will be convenient for many who are driving. There are train and bus connections. Nearest airport is ABE, Lehigh Valley International Airport. Newark Airport is 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

While we hope it will be possible to have a normal Festival, we’ll follow Covid developments and will adjust if necessary. Proof of vaccination will be required. Plans are shaping up so stay tuned for more information!

The heart of the Festival is the Central Program. It is the largest and most varied program we offer, with classes available for most early music instruments, and music ranging from Medieval to Baroque. You can choose the combination of classes that works for you -- perfect if, like some of our students, you sing or dance and play an instrument or two. Play in consorts of like or mixed instruments, investigate a new repertory, take a dance class, or begin a new instrument. We also offer a unique program in early notation for all levels starting with absolute beginner. Pitch: most classes will be at a=440. Viol-only and most Baroque ensemble classes will be at a=415. Detailed class descriptions and schedule will be available in May.

Schedule: Classes run Monday through Friday, with four class periods per day.

In the evening there are lectures, concerts, madrigal singing, English country dancing, drop-in playing sessions, the AEM Auction, and socializing with early music.

Tuition & Boarding

Tuition  Tuition $675 per week
Room & Board All rooms are air-conditioned with micro-fridges.
  Single room $596 per week
  Double room $526 per week
  Board $223 per week


Julianne Voice
Grant Lute Voice
Drew Voice
Emily Voice
Miyo Recorder
Letitia Recorder
Frances Recorder
Vicki Recorder
Deborah Recorder
Patricia Early Notation Recorder
Wendy Early Notation Recorder
Aldo Recorder
Ingrid Violin
Immanuel Flute
Meg Oboe
Wouter Bassoon Dulcian
Marilyn Bassoon Dulcian
Priscilla Renaissance reeds
Joan Renaissance reeds
Peter Harpsichord
Loren Viol
Dorothy Dance
Brad Dance
Cécile Dance


Festival 2022 Registration

Central Program Tuition Week 1 (August 7-14) $675
Baroque Academy Tuition (August 6-13 for singers, 7-14 for instrumentalists) $675
Ensemble Singing Intensive Tuition (August 7-14) $675
Historical Dance Tuition (August 6-13) $675
Central Program Tuition Week 2 (August 14-21) $675
Choral Workshop Tuition (August 14-21) $675
New London Assembly Tuition (August 14-21) $675
Attendee Information
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2022 Festival Schedule
Week 1: August 7-14
Week 1 Early Arrival: August 6-13 (Opera Project Singers and week 1 dancers)
Week 2: August 14-21
Both Weeks: August 7-21

Room & Board Options

Prices are per person, per week

Week 1 Room & Board
Commuter / Facilities Fee Week 1 - $50
Single Room Week 1 - $596
Single Room Week 1 Early Arrival - $596
Double Room Week 1 - $526
Double Room Week 1 Early Arrival - $526
Mealcard Week 1 -$223
Week 2 Room & Board
Commuter / Facilities Fee Week 2 - $50
Single Room Week 2 - $596
Double Room Week 2 - $526
Mealcard Week 2 - $223