Zhengyi Hou, harpsichord faculty


Hou *


Born and raised in Shanghai, China, harpsichordist, pianist, music instructor, musicologist and keyboard instrument technician Zhengyi Hou came to the United States in 2017 after graduating from Shanghai Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts in music education and musicology. Originally trained as a pianist, Mr. Hou has shown deep interest in harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments during his undergraduate days.

On piano, Mr. Hou studied with renowned Chopin interpreter Edward Auer from 2015-2018 and 2001 Cleveland Competition winner Roberto Plano from 2018-2021. On harpsichord, he studied with harpsichordist and fortepianist Elisabeth Wright from 2018-2021. Mr. Hou is a current doctorate student major in harpsichord performance at Stony Brook University under guidance of harpsichordist Arthur Haas. Mr. Hou owns an Master of Music in piano performance and a Performer Diploma in harpsichord performance from Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington. 

As an instrument technician, Mr. Hou was trained by harpsichord maker Richard Auber, owner of Zuckermann Harpsichord International in Stonington, Connecticut, an important harpsichord manufacturer in north America. Mr. Hou worked as the early keyboard instrument curator at Jacobs School of Music from 2019-2021, and is the current resident harpsichordist and musical finisher at Zuckermann's Stonington Workshop.

Mr. Hou’s music instructing career covers not only piano and harpsichord teaching, but also choir and ensemble directing. Mr. Hou focuses on mentoring students of intermediate and advanced skills to magnify their musical expression and their own musical philosophy. In 2014, Mr. Hou and Shanghai Yangjing High School Men’s Choir won Gold Medal under Young Male Choirs division in 2014 World Choir Games held in Riga, Latvia.

Mr. Hou’s musicology research focuses on early European instruments in east Asia from 15th to 19th century and other than English, Mr. Hou is fluent in Mandarin, classic Chinese and Japanese.

*Zhengyi Hou will be on faculty week 1 of the 2024 Amherst Early Music Festival.