Spiff Wiegand




Spiff Wiegand plays over 20 instruments, sometimes up to 7 at once as a one man band. Drumming has become his obsession. He is an active recording engineer (Acronym, LeStrange Viols, Alkemie Medieval Ensemble, Five Boroughs Music Festival, Academy of Sacred Drama, Seven Times Salt, Kleine Kammermusik) and performer (Alkemie Medieval Ensemble, Hesperus, Freelance Nun, The Pre-Fabs, Weird Uncle, Coolest Ranch, The Automat, Randy Bandits, Garefowl, Flowers of the Rhododendron, Chivalrous Crickets). Spiff has over 20 years of experience as an actor and music director in New York City, national tours, and regional theater. He has 3 albums of original material and is currently finalizing the next. Spiff releases exclusive original music every month through Patreon.com/SpiffWiegand.