Emily O'Brien

Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien is a native of Washington, DC where she played recorder from a young age. She studied recorder and french horn at Boston University, and recorder and Baroque flute at the Hochschule für Musik in Karlsruhe, Germany. She performs and teaches in the Boston area, including the Society for Historically Informed Performance concert series, the Boston Recorder Society concert series, and in fringe events surrounding Boston Early Music Festival, as well as Early Music New York and the NEC Baroque Society. She is also on staff this summer at the Country Dance and Song Society's Early Music Week at Pinewoods, and plays frequently with Jacqueline Schwab for English country dance in the Boston area. Currently she is also working with Friedrich von Huene on his "Well-tempered Recorder" project, a collection of recordings of the entire Well-tempered Klavier in arrangements for recorders. Emily works for the Von Huene Workshop and the Early Music Shop of New England in Brookline, MA. In her spare time, she enjoys long distance cycling. For more information, see www.emilysdomain.org.