Spring Break Self-Evaluation Form

Musical Skills

For all applicants, please rate yourself from 1-5 (1 being the best)

For recorder players

Please tell us about the recorders you plan to bring to the workshop. Please list the maker and size. (Workshop pitch is A= 440) For each recorder size that you might play at the workshop, please rate yourself from 1 to 5 (1 = best).

Renaissance recorders

If you are interested in the Renaissance recorder classes, please rate yourself below.

For lute players

What instrument(s) do you plan to bring to the workshop? From 1-5, how would you rate yourself on your instrument? (1 being the best). Do you read from tablature?

For viol players

Please rate yourself from 1 - 5 (1= best) on each size viol that you plan to play at the workshop.

For singers

Experience TOKEN

For all applicants

Please give a brief summary above of your studying and playing experience for each instrument and for voice and anything else you think we should know. Have you studied privately? For how long, and with whom? What classes have you taken? Do you participate regularly in an ensemble? With whom? Singers should include their choral affiliations, and list recent repertoire.