Amherst Early Music Concert Series

Caecilia-Concert Performance and CD!

The Caecilia-Concert of Amsterdam will perform a program called “Musikalische Lustgarten” at the Amherst Early Music Festival on Thursday, July 19, 2012.  Cornetto superstar Bruce Dickey joins Wouter Verschuren, dulcian, Adam Woolf, sackbut, and Kathryn Cok, harpsichord, for their AEMF debut.


In May, the group released their new CD “Castello and Co.”  To hear clips of this fantastic new release go to

Nina Stern finding her way: Rose of the Compass

Nina Stern has carved a unique and staggeringly diverse career for herself as a world class recorder player and classical clarinetist. In the last three months alone, Nina has performed Weber’s clarinet concerto with the American Classical Orchestra, Monteverdi Vespers with Apollos Fire, and traditional music from the Balkans and Armenia with her own ensemble, East of the River.

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