Festival Central Program Week 1 Afternoon Classes

Early Afternoon 1:45 - 3:00 p.m.


Early Notation Ensemble: Mensural Notation of the 15th and 16th Centuries with Wendy Powers

For recorders, viols, and other soft instruments. Students should be familiar with clefs, ligatures, and triple notation


Le Bon Goût: Unlocking the Mysteries of the French Baroque with Letitia Berlin

For upper intermediate recorders


Common Threads, with Miyo Aoki, and Patricia Petersen

For intermediate to advanced recorders


Solo Music of Bach and Telemann with Aldo Abreu

Open to advanced recorders


Renaissance Recorders Consort with Vicki Boeckman

Renaissance recorders


Baroque Flute class with Immanuel Davis

Baroque flutes


Music from 16th-Century Austria with Priscilla Herreid

For dulcian, shawm, cornetto, and sackbut players


Baroque Bassoon Master Class with Wouter Verschuren

With permission of instructor, open to auditors


Baroque Oboe Master Class with Meg Owens

With permission of instructor, open to auditors.


Consort Music from the Jacobean Era with Larry Lipkis

Open to viols and violins, cellos welcome


Consort Countdown! with Loren Ludwig

Open to intermediate to advanced viols


The Keyboard Player’s Toolbox: A Pragmatic Approach to Solving Issues Faced by the Early Keyboard Player with Alissa Duryee

Open to keyboard players


Vocal Happy Hour with Tracy Cowart

Open to all voices


Historical Dance Program

No class at this hour.


Late Afternoon 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.


A Taste of Lassus with Wendy Powers

Open to singers and instrumentalists, intermediate and up


Advanced Notation with Patricia Petersen

Class will be oriented toward recorders; singers and players of other instruments are free to sit in, and to participate with permission from the instructor


Art of the Baroque Ensemble with Miyo Aoki

For upper intermediate players of all Baroque instruments: recorder, flute, violin, harpsichord, viol, cello, lute, and others who have reasonable facility and a basic knowledge of Baroque style


Our Bodies/Our Selves: The Feldenkrais Method as a Tool to Being a Better Musician with Drew Minter

Open to all


Baroque Ensembles, with faculty: Aldo Abreu, Vicki Boeckman, Joyce Chen, Kevin Devine, Stephen Gamboa-Diaz, Jennifer Streeter, and others.

For voice, recorder, flute, oboe, bassoon, viol, violin,and harpsichord


Recorder Fun! with Letitia Berlin

For recorders, intermediate and up


Bounty from Dutch Soil with Saskia Coolen

For recorders


Northern Italian Madrigals and Motets: 16th-Century Vocal Repertoire for Mixed Loud Ensemble with Marilyn Boenau

Upper intermediate to advanced dulcians, cornet, sackbuts, and shawms


Dancing with the Viol: Playing Dances on the Viol with Sarah Cunningham

For viol players, low intermediate to upper intermediate and above


Whyte’s Noyse: The Fantasies of William Whyte and his Contemporaries with Patricia Ann Neely

For viol players


Dance Rehearsal with Dorothy Olsson and Mark Mindel

For dancers in the Historical Dance program