Festival Central Program Week 2 Afternoon Classes

Early Afternoon 1:45 - 3:00 p.m.


The Teares of the Muses with Rainer Beckmann and Jason Priset

Open to intermediate to upper intermediate recorders and lutes


Renaissance Recorders Consort with Saskia Coolen and Patricia Petersen

For Renaissance recorders


L’Homme Armé Mass Settings with Annette Bauer

For players and singers with experience reading original notation


Medieval Track: It’s Easy Being Green: Mode, Text, and Accompaniment in Hildegard’s Chants with Tracy Cowart and Sian Ricketts

Open to all instruments and voices


J. S. Bach’s Art of Fugue with Letitia Berlin

For upper intermediate to advanced recorders


Boismortier, Telemann, and More for Baroque Flute and Recorder with Na'ama Lion

For flutes and recorders, upper intermediate to advanced


1,000 Regrets in Five Days with Wendy Powers

Open to upper intermediate to advanced recorders


Ms 18810: Music from the Court of Maximilian I with Wouter Verschuren

Open to mixed loud instruments


French and Flemish Chansons and their Dance Counterparts with Joan Kimball

Open to mixed loud instruments


Viol Consort: English Music with Lawrence Lipnik, Loren Ludwig, Rosamund Morley

For viol players


Music from the Moravian Archives with Alissa Duryee

Open to keyboard, continuo and melody instruments, and singers


Return to Sorrento! with Carol Marsh

For recorder players with intermediate-level notation skills; others by permission of the instructor.


New London Assembly: Dance Performance with Cecile Laye

Some spaces may be available for non-NLA participants, with the approval of the NLA director.


Late Afternoon 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.

Singers in the Choral Workshop are welcome to choose a late afternoon class, there is no Choral Workshop class this period.


Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque—What’s the Difference? with Jennifer Streeter

For intermediate and up recorders and viols


El Siglo de Oro: A Century of Sacred and Secular Musical Treasures from Spain’s “Golden Age” with Lawrence Lipnik

Open to singers and instruments, intermediate and up


Ars Subtilior: Advanced Notation with Patricia Petersen

Open to those with experience reading original mensural notation.


Baroque Ensembles, with faculty Hsuan-Wen Chen, Kevin Devine, Peter Lekx, Na'ama Lion, Leon Schelhase, others tba

For voice, recorder, flute, oboe, bassoon, viol, violin, harpsichord, other.


Medieval Track: Bridging Styles and Centuries: Zacara da Teramo and Johannes Ciconia with Annette Bauer

Open to recorder players intermediate and up


Modern Recorder Music: A Tasting Menu with Frances Blaker

For recorders


Orlande de Lassus with Marilyn Boenau

Open to mixed loud instruments, upper intermediate to advanced


Tracing the Journey of an Early Latin Hymn with Joan Kimball

Open to mixed loud instruments


Primitiae Musicales: Pavanes and Galliards by Balthasar Fritsch with Patricia Ann Neely

Open to viols


Fugue State with Loren Ludwig

Open to intermediate-advanced viols


Medieval Track: A Mode a Day—Geography for String Players with Wendy Gillespie

Open to string players


Medieval Track: Francesco and the Firenze Gang with Daniel Johnson

Open to singers intermediate and up


Vocal Technique with Historical Inspirations for the 21st-Century Singer with Emily Eagen

Open to all singers


New London Assembly: Modern Treasures with Brad Foster

Some spaces may be available for non-NLA participants, with the approval of the NLA director