Festival Central Program Week 2 Morning Classes

Early Morning Class Period: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.


Nota Bene: Intermediate Early Notation with Wendy Powers

Open to soft instruments (recorder, flute, viol, lute, and others)


Medieval Track: Who Inspired Du Fay? The Contenance Angloise of the Early 15th Century, with Annette Bauer

Open to all instrumentalists and singers


The Art of Consort Playing, with Rainer Beckmann, Patricia Petersen

For recorders


Glories of the Baroque: Bach, Handel, Corelli, and Lully with Na'ama Lion

Open to intermediate to upper intermediate recorders


Recorder Master Class and Baroque Consort with Saskia Coolen

For recorder players, indicate 'play' or 'audit'


Renaissance Recorders with Letitia Berlin

Open to Renaissance recorders with at least two sizes of instruments


Music from the Copenhagen Manuscript, Joan Kimball, Wouter Verschuren

Open to mixed loud instruments


Petrucci’s Canti A, with Wendy Gillespie

For viols


Musica Divina, with Rosamund Morley

For viols


Medieval Track: The Ars Nova—Music of the 14th Century in France and Italy with Patricia Ann Neely

This class is oriented specifically towards players of Medieval bowed stringed instruments


Baroque Keyboard Dances with Leon Schelhase

Open to keyboard players of all levels


New London Assembly: John Playford 1651-1670 with Ceclie Laye, Karen Axelrod, Audrey Knuth, and Eric Martin

Some spaces may be available for non-NLA participants, with the approval of the NLA director


Coffee Break 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Late Morning Classes 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.


Recorder and Viol Band with Letitia Berlin

For recorders and viols, large recorders especially welcome! Viols please note, class pitch is A=440


Medieval Track: Brassart and Sarto: Two Burgundian Johanni, with Wendy Gillespie

Open to all instruments and voices


Music for the Duke of Lerma, with Wouter Verschuren

Open to mixed loud instruments



Keyboard Continuo: The Art of Partimento, with Leon Schelhase

Open to all with a good grasp of harmony and theory, and rudimentary keyboard skills



A Cappella Choir: English Renaissance Music for Voices—Tallis and Morley and Byrd, Oh My! with Temmo Korisheli

Open to all singers


New London Assembly Presentations

Open to all. You may drop in if you are not taking another class at this time