Festival Central Program Week 1 Afternoon Classes

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Early Afternoon 1:45 - 3:00 p.m.


English Country Dances and Ballads: Naughty and Nice with Larry Lipkis

Open to all singers and instrumentalists, intermediate to upper intermediate.


Early Notation Ensemble: “Henry’s Playlist” with Valerie Horst

For recorders, viols, and other soft instruments intermediate and up; easier and harder lines.  Acquaintance with C clefs very useful.


Recorder… where sweete Concordance is - with Eric Haas, Wendy Powers

For intermediate to advanced recorders


English Treats with a Dutch Twist! with Saskia Coolen

For recorder players


Solfegiamento: Music from Giuseppe Giamberti’s 1657  Print for Two Voices, with Daphna Mor

For advanced recorders, SATB


Renaissance Recorders Consort with Rainer Beckmann

For accomplished players of Renaissance recorders


Baroque Bassoon Master Class with Wouter Verschuren

With permission of instructor, open to auditors


Baroque Oboe Master Class: Eloquence and Style with Meg Owens

With permission of instructor, open to auditors.


The Madrigal Goes North: Pevernage and the Antwerp Anthologies with Sally Merriman

For dulcian, shawm, cornetto, and sackbut players, upper intermediate.


Viol Music of Coprario with Brent Wissick

For upper intermediate to advanced viols.


"Musick Fyne" with Heather Miller Lardin

For intermediate viols.


The Keyboard Player’s Toolbox: A Pragmatic Approach to Solving Issues Faced by the Early Keyboard Player with Alissa Duryee

Open to keyboard players


Historical Dance Program

No class at this hour.


Late Afternoon 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.


The Power of ONE (played by many): How to Get Creative with Medieval Monophony with Daphna Mor

Open to all treble clef-reading instruments.


Five English Candy Boxes, with Letitia Berlin, Valerie Horst

Open to recorders intermediate and up.


Barsanti’s Sonatas for Recorder and Flute, with Gwyn Roberts

For upper intermediate to advanced Baroque alto and bass recorders and flutes.


Baroque Ensembles

For voice, recorder, flute, oboe, bassoon, viol, violin,cello, and harpsichord


Northern Italian Madrigals and Motets: 16th-Century Vocal Repertoire for Mixed Loud Ensemble with Wouter Verschuren

For dulcian, shawm, cornetto, and sackbut players, upper intermediate to advanced.


Viol Music of Dowland and Byrd with Brent Wissick

For intermediate viols.


Wode that I Could: Scottish Vocal Polyphony with Tracy Cowart

Open to all voices.


Masters Of Doom: The Fundamentals Of Frame Drumming with Spiff Wiegand

Open to all.


Dance Rehearsal with Dorothy Olsson and Peggy Murray

For dancers in the Historical Dance program


*If you are in Baroque Academy there is no need to choose classes, your daily schedule is already set. Pitch for classes is A=440 unless otherwise noted.