Festival Central Program Week 2 Morning Classes

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Early Morning Class Period: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.


English Country Dances and Ballads: Naughty and Nice, with Larry Lipkis

Open to all singers and instrumentalists, intermediate to upper intermediate.


The Art of Consort Playing: Turning Notes into Music, with Eric Haas, Na'ama Lion, Patricia Petersen

For recorder players.


Renaissance Recorders, with Wendy Powers

For accomplished players of Renaissance recorders.


Early Notation: From Fragments and Songbooks, with Annette Bauer

Open to soft instruments (recorder, flute, viol, lute, and others). Students should have a bit of experience with Renaissance notation and C clefs.


Double Trouble, a Reed Potpourri, with Priscilla Herreid, Daniel Stillman

Open to shawms and dulcians.


Getting Down to Brass Tacks, with Liza Malamut

For cornets and sackbuts.


English Viol Consort, with Rosamund Morley, Patricia Ann Neely

Open to viols


Renaissance Viol Consort, with Lawrence Lipnik

Open to viols,upper intermediate to advanced


In Handel’s Orbit: Harpsichord Master Class with Kathryn Cok

For keyboard players, auditors welcome.


Lute Masterclass with Ronn McFarlane

For lute players to play, or audit.


Fundamentals of Renaissance Lute Playing with Christopher Morrongiello

For lute players or anyone interested in lute playing.


New London Assembly: Dances from English Dancing Master, John Playford’s 1st Edition, 1651, with Cecile Laye, and NLA musicians

For New London Assembly Dancers, and open to other experienced English Country Dancers with permission of NLA Director.


Coffee Break 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.


Late Morning Classes 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.


Recorder and Viol Band, with Letitia Berlin

For recorders and viols, large recorders especially welcome! Viols please note, class pitch is A=440


Masque Music, with Grant Herreid

Open to lutes, recorders, flutes, viols, and other soft instruments.


Buzz Me In: Krummhorns, Krumhorns, and Crumhorns! with Larry Lipkis

Open to all!  Bring or borrow crumhorns, conrnemuses, and other buzzy instruments.


Victoria and Vivanco, with Liza Malamut, Wouter Verschuren

Open to mixed loud instruments.


Preludes: an Introduction, with Alissa Duryee

Open to keyboard players and those interested in improvising.


Interpreting Elizabethan and Jacobean Lute Music with Christopher Morrongiello

For lute players.


Beyond the Basics, with Ronn McFarlane

For lute players.


The Magnificent Mr. Byrd: Celebrating William Byrd’s Quatercentenary with Choral Music with Temmo Korisheli

For singers.


New London Assembly Presentations

Open to all, a different presentation each day. You may drop in if you are not taking another class at this time