Festival 2022 Registration

Central Program Tuition Week 1 (August 7-14) $675
Baroque Academy Tuition (August 6-13 for singers, 7-14 for instrumentalists) $675
Ensemble Singing Intensive Tuition (August 7-14) $675
Historical Dance Tuition (August 6-13) $675
Deposit Week 1 Tuition (August 7-14) $100
Central Program Tuition Week 2 (August 14-21) $675
Choral Workshop Tuition (August 14-21) $675
New London Assembly Tuition (August 14-21) $675
Deposit Week 2 Tuition (August 14-21) $100
Attendee Information

2022 Festival Schedule

Week 1: August 7-14 (Central Program, ESI, Baroque Academy Instrumentalists)
Week 1 Early Arrival: August 6-13 (Only for Opera Project Singers, and the Historical Dance Program)
Week 2: August 14-21 (Central Program, Choral Workshop, New London Assembly)
Both Weeks: August 7-21.
Sundays are check-in and check-out days. Check-in: 1:30 - 5:00 p.m., with late check-in, in the evening after the orientation meeting. Check-out: by 10:00 a.m.
Classes begin on Monday morning, and the last event is on Saturday evening both weeks.

Room & Board Options

Prices are per person, per week

Week 1 Room & Board
Commuter / Facilities Fee Week 1 - $50
Single Room Week 1 - $596
Single Room Week 1 Early Arrival - $596
Double Room Week 1 - $526
Double Room Week 1 Early Arrival - $526
Mealcard Week 1 -$223
Week 2 Room & Board
Commuter / Facilities Fee Week 2 - $50
Single Room Week 2 - $596
Double Room Week 2 - $526
Mealcard Week 2 - $223

Cancellation Policy

Tuition is fully refundable before July 10, all but $100 before July 25 (August 1, for week 2). No refunds on tuition after July 25 (August 1 for second week).
Housing is fully refundable.

Festival COVID-19 Policy

All participants, faculty, and staff at the AEMF 2022 must be fully vaccinated: 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna and at least one booster OR 1 dose of J&J and at least one booster. We will no longer require a PCR test, but will require submitting 2 rapid tests with negative results.  The first test should be the day before arriving at the Festival, and the second one on the arrival day, or upon arriving at the Festival.

Each person should bring an additional 3 rapid tests per week for ongoing testing. Anyone who tests positive for Covid at the Festival will have to leave as there is no possibility of quarantining on campus. In the event that you have to leave because of Covid, your pro-rated tuition and housing charges will be refunded.
Masking: we will be masked at all times indoors unless playing a wind instrument or eating. (Receptions will be held outside, no masks needed.)
These protocols are the strictest we will have. If the Covid situation improves markedly we may relax some of these policies. Any changes will be announced prior to the Festival and updated on our website. (Updated June 24, 2022).