Alastair Thompson

Alastair, with his intrepid potted palm Shackleton. Alastair Thompson has accompanied ensembles at Boston University and Longy School of Music and is a staff accompanist at the Amherst Early Music Festival. He has played with Fourscore in the Boston Early Music Festival Fringe, Heliotrope Consort, and Patalena, and has appeared as a guest artist with Seven Times Salt, Les Enfants Terribles, the Zelenka Project, and the Weckmann Project. His 2010 collaboration with Seven Times Salt, featuring music from 18th century Scotland, was aired on WGBH radio. He pursued graduate studies in 17th century French cultural history at Tufts University, and has also studied and performed renaissance, baroque, and Scottish dance. In 2011 he co-directed a staged performance of Matthew Locke's 1657 masque Cupid & Death. Alastair serves on the board of the Viola da Gamba Society New England and the Cambridge Society for Early Music.