Bass Instincts - with Marilyn Boenau

Join me for a playing session full of wonderful bass duets and solos, which can be played on bass recorder, bass dulcian, or bass viol. We’ll mine the treasures of Eric Haas’s “Bass Duet Book,” Wouter Verschuren’s book “Bassus,” and a collection of Italian duets and trios published in Rome in 1616. We’ll step out of our usual role of supporting an ensemble, and revel in the sound of two solo bass instruments in musical conversation. I’ve chosen the pieces for a maximum of musical satisfaction and moderate level of difficulty. We’ll work on making a good sound together, tuning, and rhythmic accuracy. The joy of low instruments – Bass Instincts! A=440. Upper intermediate.

Sept. 30, 1 pm ET - for bass recorders and bass dulcians

1:00 - 2:30 pm, 30 September 2023
Marilyn Bassoon & Dulcian
25.00 USD