*Renaissance Recorder Weekend

with Annette Bauer and Héloïse Degrugillier

January 13-14, 2024

35 Webster St.
West Newton, MA 02465
United States



Annette Early Notation & Recorder


Work Study Tuition:

Ganassi Renaissance Recorders

*The Renaissance Recorder Weekend has been POSTPONED...stay tuned for new dates!

January 13-14 Renaissance Recorder Weekend
Allen Center for the Arts, West Newton MA
Renaissance Recorder Faculty: Annette Bauer, Heloise Degrugillier

This special 2-day workshop is for players of Renaissance recorders. Groups will work on ensemble music for three sessions each day, followed by a session on early notation. We’ll work on getting the best out of these instruments which are specifically built for ensemble playing. How are they voiced? What are the possibilities for fingerings to facilitate good tuning? How is the blowing different than on a Baroque recorder? We’ll play together with the goal of sounding like a beautiful Renaissance organ. This is polyphony at its best -- good blend and individuality of parts! For advanced players with Renaissance recorders by Prescott, LiVirghi, or Ohanessian.

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Renaissance Recorders Workshop Schedule

Saturday and Sunday
9:30-10:45 Class 1
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-12:30 Class 2
12:30-1:45 Lunch
1:45-3:00 Class 3
3:30-4:45 Early Notation

The Allen Center for the Arts has a parking lot off of Cherry Street. There is an entrance off the parking log with no stairs – easy for moving larger instrument cases. Classes will be on the ground floor. Nearby are various options for lunch, including Blue Ribbon Barbecue, Judith’s Kitchen (deli), Sweet Tomatoes, Comella’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Trader Joe’s. You are welcome to bring food back to the Allen House to eat.

Renaissance Recorder Workshop Registration

Saturday and Sunday, January 13 & 14, at the Allen Center for the Arts, West Newton, MA.

Full tuition $240, Work-study tuition $180.

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