New London Assembly

English Country Dance Program: NLA dancers at the 2019 Festival
New London Assembly

2022 dates TBA
Brad Foster, Director

with Joanna Reiner Wilkinson and Cécile Laye

Dance tuition $635

An All-day program of classes, lectures, and evening dancing. Learn about historical 17th-century country dances and the modern dances they have inspired. You can also take a music class if you wish. Over the five years of our existence we've developed a culture of strong attention to detail during the daytime workshops and spirited community recreational dance in the evenings. One of the special attractions of this week are the excellent Amherst Early Music Festival concerts that occur almost every night. The program is able to accommodate 60 dancers. We offer four daytime workshop periods; in addition, AEMF has occasional Salon lectures and concerts in the late afternoon. Please note: it is possible to combine registrations with Amherst Early Music Festival and take both NLA and AEMF workshops.