Amherst Early Music Festival Overview

Thanks to everyone who came to the 2018 Festival!

July  14-21, 21-28, 2019
Connecticut College, New London, CT
Music of Italy

The Amherst Early Music Festival is a workshop offering the largest program of classes for early music enthusiasts, from amateur to professional, in the US. But it is more than a workshop. The Festival Concert Series presents 8 highly-acclaimed evening concerts, including a fully-staged Baroque Opera, which are open to the public and free for participants. There are also Salon concerts in the late evenings and several other performances of vocal music, instrumental music, and dance on the weekends. The Music and Instrument Exhibition hosts instrument makers, music shops, experimental projects, and more over the middle weekend. Lectures, English Country Dances, madrigal singing, and other events provide a wealth of choices for participants and outside guests.

Classes are on a wide range Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Traditional music topics. You can take an easy ride, just for the fun of it, or you can improve your playing, singing, or dancing; expand your knowledge; and enjoy being part of the friendly and stimulating Festival community.

Classes run Monday thru Friday each week. Tuition: $620 per week Central Program and Choral Workshop; $600 Dance; $660 Special Auditioned Programs. 

Week 1 - July 14-21, 2019
Classes for voice, recorder, viol, violin, cello, Renaissance reeds, flute, oboe, bassoon, harpsichord, historical dance, early notation. Choral Workshop. Special Auditioned Programs: Baroque Academy, Baroque Opera, Advanced Recorder Intensive.

Week 2 - July 21-28, 2019
Classes for voice, recorder, viol, harp, flute, frame drum, Renaissance brass and reeds, harpsichord, early notation. New London Assembly, Special Auditioned Programs: Ensemble Singing Intensive, Roman de Fauvel Project with Benjamin Bagby, and the Virtuoso Recorder Seminar

Festival Links
Central Program Overview
Lute Society of America Seminar East
Viols at the Festival
The Choral Workshop
Percussion & Recorders 
Historical Dance Program, July 14-21, 2019
New London Assembly, July 21-28, 2019

Auditioned Special Programs:
Baroque Academy, including the Baroque Academy Opera Project, Baroque Academy Vocal Soloist Program, and Baroque Academy for Instrumentalists July 14-21, 2019
Ensemble Singing Intensive, July 21-28, 2019
Advanced Recorder Intensive, July 14-21, 2019
Project with Benjamin Bagby, July 21-28, 2019
Virtuoso Recorder Seminar, July 21-28, 2019

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